Common Currency Abbreviations
The chart below is a guide to several common currencies worldwide.

Contact Envoy International for information on other countries and currencies not listed. The second chart is a list of Legacy Currencies replaced by the euro January 1, 2002.

Country Currency Abbreviation
Argentina peso ARS
Australia dollar AUD
Brazil real BRL
Canada dollar CAD
Chile peso CLP
China yuan renminbi CNY
Costa Rica colon CRC
Denmark krone DKK
Egypt pound EGP
Euro-Zone euro EUR
Hong Kong dollar HKD
India rupee INR
Indonesia rupiah IDR
Israel new shekel ILS
Japan yen JPY
Kenya shilling KES
Korea (S.) won KRW
Kuwait dinar KWD
Mexico peso MXN
New Zealand dollar NZD
Nigeria naira NGN
Norway krone NOK
Pakistan rupee PKR
Russia rouble RUB
Saudi Arabia riyal SAR
Singapore dollar SGD
South Africa rand ZAR
Sweden krona SEK
Switzerland franc CHF
Taiwan dollar TWD
Turkey lira TRL
United Kingdom pound sterling GBP
United States U.S. dollar USD
Venezuela bolivar VEB

Legacy Currencies Replaced by the Euro
Country Currency Abbreviation
Austria schilling ATS
Belgium franc BEF
Finland markka FIM
France franc FRF
Germany mark GMD
Greece drachma GRD
Italy lira ITL
Ireland pound/punt IEP
Luxembourg franc LUF
Netherlands guilder NLG
Portugal escudo PTE
Spain peseta ESP

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